Share your goals and increasing the likelihood of achieving them by 65%.

This weekend just gone, made me feel like I was living back at University all over again, on Saturday and Sunday I had University which I committed to; I went out with my friends on Saturday evening. ⁣

Which turned in to Chaos by losing my phone, sunglasses and in general very hectic trying to squeeze everything in my schedule. This had reminded me so much of my younger days at Uni. I used to go out crazy 2, 3 times a week drinking and I wouldn’t get home untill 5 am, and then I still managed to arrive late to my lecture at 9 am with a Mc Donalds Mc Muffin breakfast bag in my hands. If you ever ask any of my uni friends about what they think in regards to my current career profession, not one would ever believe that I would of turn out to become a Personal Trainer. ⁣

Its crazy how 7 years can change a person, my progress has taken quite a long time but I have felt happy with my self growth. Since becoming a PT in the last 4 years, it has really helped me with achieving my set goals better and this is thanks to all of my clients. Sharing my life and weight loss goals with my clients has made a great impact on my success results so far. ⁣

Recently I have trained few Semi group Personal training. 1 group's goal is to climb Mt. Elbrus together in early July and 1 group of 3 who committed to achieve a healthier lifestyle together. Its amazing to see how fast these group progress makes their goals more real and achievable by sharing with their family and friends. Now, it's like their training partners hold them accountable by asking and supporting each other with training and nutrition and have made them reaching their goal much faster. ⁣

According to Jack Canfield this approach applies to other goals too – not just weight loss related goals. He believes that your chance of actually achieving your goals is greatly increased when you share it with others for the following reasons:

1. You Gain Clarity

You gain more clarity about your goal and how to achieve it. In speaking your goal out loud, conversations with others may help you clarify and sharpen your goal.

Perhaps you knew you always wanted to apply to culinary school, but your friend is able to help you hone in on which specialty is best suited for you.

2. You Receive Accountability

Speaking it makes it real. Maybe your goal was written in a diary for over a year, or even longer.

Sharing your goal with a friend or family member makes the goal more real and no longer just a note in a journal.

Now, others can hold you accountable by asking you about the progress you’ve made towards reaching your goal.

If you want to be able to positively respond to those questions, you’ll quickly be motivated to take action and stay on track.

What is an Accountability Partner?

Often, the term accountability partner is tossed around in the gyms or weight loss programs, but an accountability partner can help you reach any goal, fitness-related or not.

Having someone hold you accountable for your goal is an effective way to ensure that you actually reach your goal.

Accountability first and foremost can increase your motivation.

No goal can ever be met without self-motivation on your part, but unfortunately, motivation does not always come in abundance.

Sometimes we can supply our own internal motivation, but sometimes, especially during the most difficult parts of the journey, we need external support and motivation.

External motivation from a friend, who knows what you have committed yourself to, can come in the form of positive reinforcement and encouragement.

How to Choose an Accountability Partner

So who should you choose as an accountability partner?

The answer to this varies dramatically based on your circumstances and your goals.

Accountability can come from family members, friends with similar goals, colleagues at work, mentors, coaches, or personal advisors.

In fact, no matter what you do in life and no matter what your goal is, having a personal advisor is critical to being successful in meeting your goals.

It’s not always easy for people to share their most intimate visions or personal goals.

Do you share your goals with others?

If not, what is holding you back?

Sometimes individuals hold back because they are embarrassed about their goals.

They are afraid that others will mock their goal or say they are unrealistic. Of course, that could technically happen, but you don’t need to feel embarrassed if someone mocks your goals.

As long as your goals are well-planned and important to you, that is what matters. If someone does belittle your goals, then he or she is not the right accountability partner for you.

Look for support elsewhere.

Sometimes the fear of competition holds us back.

Have you ever heard of artists or musicians afraid to share their work because they don’t want others to steal the idea or compete with it?

Don’t let fear of competition stop you. Instead, focus on the benefits you’ll get from sharing with others.

Maybe you don’t share your goal because you think people won’t understand.

For instance, a teenager might not want to tell her parents she wants to join the army because she thinks she won’t get it.

However, through honest and open conversations, it is possible to share your goal and the reasons why you feel so passionately about your goal.

Connecting with other people allows them to gain clearer insight into you and your goals, which opens up the possibility of their support.

If you haven’t shared your vision or your goals with others, think carefully about what is holding you back. What can you do to overcome those obstacles?

Who is the best person that can act as an accountability partner for you? Tell them your goals, and ask for their support in keeping you on track. Leave a message in the comments if goal sharing has helped you.