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I want to share our client “Emily Inspiring Scoliosis’s story “. Emily went through such a traumatic operation Spinal Fusion at 13 years old. She blew my mind yersterday having the courage to share this amazing picture. In the past few months training with Emily, whenever she at the gym even how hot the weather was, Emily always wearing so my many layers to cover her back.

I know how much strength that has taken and I know she want to share this picture so any young person about to go through or has gone through can see they should feel proud of there scars.

It shows beauty strength and determination. 

Emily Wood

When I was 13 I had spinal fusion to correct my scoliosis and prevent it from getting worse. It left me with this scar.
For years I wanted to keep it a secret. I constantly kept it hidden. I would feel vulnerable and ashamed if anybody mentioned or noticed it. I thought it wasn’t possible to be perceived as beautiful with such an “imperfection”.

When I became a make up artist the anxieties I had were exacerbated. As part of my job I am often required to cover and hide people’s blemishes and marks. This was triggering as it confirmed to me that these things should be kept concealed and that the world wanted to see flawless.
However I realised fairly early on that the “flaws” on other people were the things I loved most about them I just couldn’t apply the same feeling to myself.

My family and friends would tell me to embrace it and wear my scar with pride. It represented the journey I’d been on. The 7 hour surgery, the months of recovery, how well they thought I’d dealt with the challenge. It’s taken me up until very recently to understand that all of that stuff they were talking about were the reasons I never wanted to show my scar.

Every time I looked at it I was reminded that I experienced all that. It made me different to all the other 13 year olds and being different is the scariest thing to be at 13. I realise now I didn’t hate my scar I hated what I’d had to go through. It frightened and traumatised me and I’d transferred all of that trauma into worrying about how my back wasn’t aesthetically pleasing.
Now it’s about me coming to terms with the trauma behind the scar. The reason why it’s there. I’m accepting that it’s a huge part of me and who I am. The more at peace I become with the fact that I experienced something unusual and difficult the more at peace I become with this little badge of honour on my back. 
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Our Tips For Lifting With Scoliosis

There are numerous benefits to weightlifting, specifically lifting heavy. By strengthening the back muscles, not only can the appearance of curvature be improved, but the muscles along the spine may prevent a curve from worsening. A big benefit of strengthening the back muscles: improvement in low back pain.

Whether you’re already lifting or looking to start, here are a few things to be aware of.

1 .Get with a coach

A quality coach is one of the most valuable tools a lifter of any level can have. A new lifter absolutely needs an experienced coach to help with technique and form.

2. Be vigilant about form and technique

Weightlifting — whether doing the power lifts or Olympic lifts — is incredibly intricate and nuanced. Lifters with years of experience still have to work on the smallest of details to perfect their form.

Do not let ego get the best of you. Before going up too aggressively in weight, make sure you’re nailing form and technique issues that may compromise your back.

3. Take video of your lifts

Even if you’re working with a coach, take video of your lifts so you can visibly see issues with your form and technique.

4. Recognise pain vs. muscle soreness

This is an important distinction to be able to make. Doing any kind of progressive overload to strengthen muscles will cause muscle soreness and discomfort. But that discomfort shouldn’t last more than a day or two and should not be acute pain.

5. Know that nothing will correct a curvature

There are numerous websites and YouTube videos that will claim their exercises will correct curvature. It’s just not true. No amount of postural exercises or chiropractic sessions will improve a curve. The best you can hope for is to try and stave off a curve from worsening and reduce back pain.