Hello, welcome to my blog. For those of you who don’t know me, I am a personal trainer, pilates instructor and sport massage therapist, who has a passion for educating the masses on all things health and fitness.

After graduating from Leeds University of Business Studies, I began my career in a Digital Recruitment Agency. My journey into fitness industry started not by engaging in competitive sports, but from waking up 1 day and deciding that I needed to take control of my life, to find something new to focus on, away from the banality of my day job and hopefully gain a new-found vigour, plus get rid of the ol’‘poochy bits’ along the way.

I qualified as a personal trainer four years ago. After experiencing my own lifestyle change and discovering a real passion for strength and conditioning and the benefits it brought to me both physically and mentally. Beyond my own interests, I am passionate about continuing to learn and expand my knowledge to ensure I am as up to date as possible with my credentials and best able to deliver my clients the quality of service they deserve.


My mission is to empower people of all sizes and abilities to develop a positive approach to and a love of exercise. I passionately believe that exercise should not be purely a means to achieve weight loss. If I use this as our primary motivator, we ignore the multitude of other far healthier reasons to get our bodies active. 

Exercise should be predominantly a means by which improve our mental health, athletic performance and functionality. It should be tailored to your body and your goals and not associated with punishment. It should be enjoyable, not intimidating and be undertaken as a mean of kindness to your body for all of its vast benefits. 

 I believe that we need to embrace sweaty and strength exercise, learn how to nourish both our minds and bodies and appreciate the strength benefits of physical activity, over the aesthetic ones.

 “Your body is amazing you deserve to love and respect it whatever your size or ability"