Know Your Place and Accept Responsibility


"Know Your Place and Accept Responsibility"

My mum favourite saying to me while I were growing up.

⁣This is the face I make when people tell me " it must be easy to make money in your job " 🧐⁣

Is there such thing as easy money in life? Currently, I am not sitting somewhere to have a bottomless brunch or sipping cocktail.⁣

I am still at work 5.30 PM on a Saturday and perhaps work more on Admin business on weekends and then back to work Monday to Saturday again.🙄⁣ ( they also dont see the time that I take to study, to keep myself up to date and able to work with rehabilitation clients) .

When you have to handle clients progress and emotions frequently it can be quite challenging as a job. Facing indecisive people, changing last minute decisions and moods can make you hit rock bottom sometime.
It's very easy to make mistake in my job, especially with clients emotions. I have to learn to take responsibility to allow myself to be more flexible and change my approach. Its is from my mistakes that my new direction arise. ⁣

Inspires people and the willingness to accept their responsibility for the outcomes of their work at the gym, eating habit and functional routine; normal life can be difficult, like moving the Mount Everest sometime.⁣

Everyday at work, I have to create an energetic environment around me, to be infectious, contagious and advantageous to all my clients. Then someday you think who will do this back to me? ⁣

This week has been the toughest weeks in a long time, but hearing the nicest thing in a while from my client Hanah this morning has really brighten up my day. She said" I had a crazy few weeks but when it was like that, I have to keep reminding my self - what Trang would do next? "⁣

Empowering yourself by being yourself is easy as taking a walk in the park. However, I believe that in any job, we have to take advantage of what it means to have opportunity, to organise your pursuit and achieving your sense of personal freedom. Anyone tell you that money is easy to make in any job or progress is easy to make in the gym, they are drawing an unrealistic picture to you👍.

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