A positive attitude is contagious!


A positive attitude is contagious! 

Do you believe that?  

I certainly do as I’ve seen it in action throughout my life - and especially from what I have experienced with my friend Sarah in the last few weeks. 

It's amazing the impact you can have on others with your attitude; positive or negative, you set the tone. 

I've been through such a tough time in the last couple of months. I suffered from an identity crisis: I felt stagnant and stuck. Then, being around someone with a infectiously positive and pleasant attitude like Sarah has brought out the best of me. She has been my best remedy and therapy.  Her 'zero f***ks given' mentality and 'yes, you can do it' attitude has made a huge difference when I've had to look ahead and make decisions of what I can or cannot do in my life and getting my mojo back for business, people who loves me an especially my clients. 

It's mad that how we'd known each other for three years, have always got on and spoke a lot at the gym... but, until recently, we'd never hung out. Now, she's returned home for good and we start to hang out so much. But, I won’t say good bye as I know our friendship will continue.

What I'll say to her instead is:

Sarah - thanks for all the times you've said 'shut up, Trang', 'you are not tired', or 'you've got no problems' - and for all the times you've told me 'yes, you can' in the last few weeks. Thanks for making me feel like a kid again, who's excited every night to go out  after finishing work and have fun until midnight - without any alcohol needed. We were girls who simply had fun for ourselves and danced like there was no tomorrow. Thanks for taking me to an arcade for the first time and making me dance in my heels and navy dress like a nutter (only you can make me do that) . Thanks for teaching me how to smoke shisha properly, even though I never got it. Thanks for all the spontaneous trips in the last few weekends - the long walk by the beach, the greasy donuts and the crazy dance outside a country pub! 

Our experiences together have  really made reflect a lot and really have an emotional reset. My inner self feeds my motivations and creates the force that drives me forward. One negative thought may lead to another negative thought, whereas one positive thought is fed by another positive thought - and, thanks to you, it's been plenty of the latter.

Sarah, you've been the light that illuminated me the last few weeks with your ambition, drive and crazy energy. Mashallah, see you soon in Saudi xxx

Tips to be a Positive Influence on Others

This is my view on how to influence, inspire others and make people around you feel positive around

Have a positive attitude.

In my experience people are turned off pretty quickly by anger, negativity and doom and gloom. People want to have a good time. I recommend being excited about what you are sharing and trying to be positive. There certainly is a time for doom and gloom but that time is not always. People ask me how I stay positive even in the daunting times that we live in and my answer is simple.But I stay positive by having little goals to achieve on a daily or weekly basis. Because I think every life is precious I know that if I’ve just inspired one person to live with more health and happiness that I’ve been successful that day. If one person truly has been inspired to pursue a path of less destruction than I should feel proud. By looking at life this way I am able to stay positive rather than feel the doom and gloom of life.

Be confident and do what you know is right for you.

Follow that feeling deep in your gut and follow it with a great zest for life.

Be creative. 

Come up with exciting and interesting ways to get people thinking and get them to care.

Be knowledgeable. 

On whatever you are talking about. Have the information to back up your case. Do your best to make sure you are not spouting out incorrect information. Educate yourself deeply

Be accepting and try your hardest not to judge others.

You may not know why they are doing what they are doing. Maybe they are holding onto traditions of a lost family member. Maybe they just can’t understand any other way because they only understand what they saw their parents do for decades. Maybe socio-economic or racial stigmas are built deep inside of them. Life is tough for all of us. Remember that and be compassionate. Be accepting but still do your part to give them that nudge they need to live for something greater than themselves and the few people around them.

Be compassionate. Compassion is never going to hurt your case. Compassion isn’t something that we learn in school and not something that every parent teaches. You might have to learn how to be more compassionate. I have one suggestion for you. Put yourself into a situation where you need the compassion of others. Having felt others compassion, having needed others compassion, just may teach you to be compassionate. One way I’ve done with is by travelling with no money.

Take it step-by-step

Look back at your life. Were you once doing the very same thing they are doing today? Did you change everything overnight or did your transformation take time? Help others to make little steps that will empower them and excite them to do even more. Find a middle ground with them so that they can take the first step and let it grow from there.

Surround yourself with like-minded people.

Try to spend time with people who bring you up and support you to take it even further. The hard times won’t be nearly as hard if you have breaks from it. Surround yourself with conscious people and you will raise your level of consciousness. Surround yourself with good people and you will find yourself being a better person. Surround yourself with knowledge and you your intelligence will grow.

How to deal with negativity. 

When it comes to dealing with negativity, try to remember that there is always going to be negativity. It’s really important to look past the negativity and think about where it is coming from and why it is being directed at you

Often you will find that it actually has very little to do with you or what you are actually doing or talking about. The negative reactions of others are often a reflection of something within themselves or something that is currently happening in their lives. The words may seem to be aimed at you, but the truth is the emotion behind it has nothing to do with you.

Just be positive.

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