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Five Reasons Why Ladies Need to Show Their Upper Bodies Some Lovin'

Gorgeous grams and a peachy booty aren't the only prizes you can win with a great workout program. While a sculpted core and solid legs are certainly something to aspire to, they're only part of a good fitness equation. To build a better-looking, stronger, healthier body, you need to work all the muscle groups.

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To All The Male Gym Users, Our Bench Press Set Is As Important As Yours.

If you're a woman who wants to lift weights at the gym but are too scared to leave the treadmill, you aren't alone! There's so much research showing that many women avoid the dumbbells because they feel intimidated by men.

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Why Do Experts Say We Should Lift Weights? 

If you want to up your odds of living a longer, healthier life, you might want to consider lifting weights as an abundance of research points to its positive affects on the body.

The NHS already recommends that people should try and do two sessions or more of muscle strengthening exercises a week, which includes lifting weights, cycling and yoga.  

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Why Runners Are Moving From The Roads To The Racks

We’re now in marathon season – if you have a place in London’s flagship event, then you will already know about it – and hopefully are at the beginning of your marathon mission.

Marathon training, however, has moved on somewhat from endlessly pounding pavements and hoping for the best – your running program should consist of a mixture of incremental distance work, interval training, as well as slower paced recovery runs.

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The Importance Of Breathing In Pilates And Exercises

How often do you think about how you breathe? I’m guessing not very often! Becoming familiar with your natural breathing pattern can have a positive effect on your mental health, emotions, reactions to stress and anxiety, and muscular tensions. Breathing more efficiently during exercise can also greatly improve your muscle activation and performance. In some circumstances it should be the first thing we work on before proceeding to more complex movements. 

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Three Reasons You Are Not Getting Results In Your Training

You’ve started your exercise routine with best intentions, and have flown through the first few weeks seeing great results. Unfortunately, for many, the excitement of the first few weeks quickly plateaus and it can be tricky to then see noticeable progressions in your training. So, why is this?

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 I’m sure you’ve been a little confused over the years. Is cardio necessary, are weights

going to make you big, should I be training every day? There is so much out there,

and very often people are doing the wrong type of training for their goal.

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How To Build Muscle

Are you a beginner starting out on your own fitness journey? However, by doing random workouts reward you with random results. Here is our it’s expert guidance in how to build muscle that guarantees progress which is Split between activation, training, nutrition and recovery.

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