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This weekend just gone, made me feel like I was living back at University all over again, on Saturday and Sunday I had University which I committed to; I went out with my friends on Saturday evening. ⁣

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Mindset could have been placed as high as number one in our 5-stage formula. The main reason it isn’t, is because it often takes people a little time to understand how important it is. You see in order to change your body shape long term, you have to address certain habits that you will have built up throughout your life. There are relationships that you will have built up with food and drink, that are often hard to just switch off from. Some people can just flick a switch and change, where other people have to be educated in these areas.

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Sleep Optimisation

Whenever we meet with our clients for the very first time, we will have had a good chance to read through their questionnaires. We have a comprehensive section on sleep, and it’s for a very good reason. But before we go in to any more detail, we’d like you to answer these 6 questions.

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