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How your feet can help you with your squat form

Struggling with your squat form?

Read on how you can improve your technique with some simple steps around foot positioning

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A positive attitude is contagious!

A positive attitude is contagious! 

Do you believe that?  

I certainly do as I’ve seen it in action throughout my life - and especially from what I have experienced with my friend Sarah in the last few weeks. 

It's amazing the impact you can have on others with your attitude; positive or negative, you set the tone. 

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Stop treating 30 like it is a destination

This post is for those who are in their late twenties or who have turned 30, who are worried about entering a new decade of their life. Stop treating 30 like it is a destination - it's only a stop along the way

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Exercise is optional, movement is essential

When we conjure up the idea of what ‘exercise’ looks like, it is generally exerting yourself at a high level, sweating and ‘feeling the burn’. In my time working in the fitness industry I’ve seen the rise of people moving between extremes of inactivity to then exercising at such a high level of exertion with no real middle ground in between. ⁣

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