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The Guide For Busy People to Get Lean

Busy Is Not An Excuse

No matter how busy you are, if you prioritise a goal you'll get it done. And unless you make getting lean a top priority, it probably won't happen. But you're busy, you say. Your schedule is tight. Sorry, not an excuse. You just need to learn to become efficient with your time spent in the gym and kitchen.

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The Truth About Fruit and Fat Loss! Should You Fear the Fructose?

but depending on your nutritional leanings, you might consider fructose to be even more sinister than sugar when it comes to adding a little filling to your waistline.

All of this begs the following questions:

Can fruit be part of a fat-loss diet?

Does fructose present unique metabolic problems?

If dieting, are there certain fruits to avoid and certain fruits to embrace?

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The 10 Less Obvious Issues That Can Stop You From Getting Leaner

Most people know exactly why they're carrying around too much fat: they eat garbage, and they don't move much. It's obvious. But there are others who do try to train hard and improve their diets, and yet they still struggle. Maybe they lose some fat, but it always seems to boomerang right back.

Sound familiar? Here are 10 less-obvious things that could be the problem.

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Why should you do Stiffed Leg Deadlift ?

It is important to incorporate different types of hamstring exercises in your program. 
NSCA (1999) found that ⁣Single-joint hamstring movements like the SDL and the leg curl have been shown to produce approximately twice as much hamstring muscle activation as the squat. [1]

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#WhatIReallyReallyWant - Girl Power

In Vietnam, women weren't supposed to be like that in public (especially since I am coming from a super traditional family). Little girls were taught to be sugar and spice and everything nice. “Be quiet and polite,” we were told “Acquiesce, and don’t take up too much space.” The media promoted, explained their value and importance and would relate to their relationships, especially with boyfriends, on how pretty they looked.

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Know Your Place and Accept Responsibility

"Know Your Place and Accept Responsibility"

My mum favourite saying to me while I were growing up.
⁣This is the face I make when people tell me " it must be easy to make money in your job " 🧐⁣
⁣Is there such thing as easy money in life?

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Five Tips for Sticking to a Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t necessarily require making a slew of huge 180-degree lifestyle changes.

In fact, with a few common sense behaviors, you can create a healthy, sustainable relationship with food and eating that can last a lifetime. Here are five easy tips to get (and keep!) you on-track

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Our mission is to empower you to love and respect your body. We aim to teach you how to sweat and strengthen your way to a fitter, and healthier body through our supportive, personalised, and research-based approach to fitness and mental health.

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Three Exercise To Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor Muscle

After childbirth or as you get older, you may notice that your pelvic floor muscles have weakened.

The pelvic muscles support the bladder, bowel, and uterus. When they contract, the organs are lifted and the openings to the vagina, anus, and urethra are tightened. When the muscles are relaxed, urine and feces can be released from the body.

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In the past few months training with Emily, whenever she at the gym even how hot the weather was, she always wearing so my many layers to cover her back. I know how much strength that has taken and I know she want to share this picture so any young person about to go through or has gone through can see they should feel proud of there scars.

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How Much Protein Should I Eat? By Helen Kollias, Ph.D

How much protein should I eat?’ Choose the right amount for 
fat loss, muscle, and health. 
The real story on the risks (and rewards) of eating more protein.

By Helen Kollias, Ph.D from Precision Nutrition

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Five Reasons Why Ladies Need to Show Their Upper Bodies Some Lovin'

Gorgeous grams and a peachy booty aren't the only prizes you can win with a great workout program. While a sculpted core and solid legs are certainly something to aspire to, they're only part of a good fitness equation. To build a better-looking, stronger, healthier body, you need to work all the muscle groups.

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To All The Male Gym Users, Our Bench Press Set Is As Important As Yours.

If you're a woman who wants to lift weights at the gym but are too scared to leave the treadmill, you aren't alone! There's so much research showing that many women avoid the dumbbells because they feel intimidated by men.

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Why Do Experts Say We Should Lift Weights? 

If you want to up your odds of living a longer, healthier life, you might want to consider lifting weights as an abundance of research points to its positive affects on the body.

The NHS already recommends that people should try and do two sessions or more of muscle strengthening exercises a week, which includes lifting weights, cycling and yoga.  

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Why Runners Are Moving From The Roads To The Racks

We’re now in marathon season – if you have a place in London’s flagship event, then you will already know about it – and hopefully are at the beginning of your marathon mission.

Marathon training, however, has moved on somewhat from endlessly pounding pavements and hoping for the best – your running program should consist of a mixture of incremental distance work, interval training, as well as slower paced recovery runs.

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The Importance Of Breathing In Pilates And Exercises

How often do you think about how you breathe? I’m guessing not very often! Becoming familiar with your natural breathing pattern can have a positive effect on your mental health, emotions, reactions to stress and anxiety, and muscular tensions. Breathing more efficiently during exercise can also greatly improve your muscle activation and performance. In some circumstances it should be the first thing we work on before proceeding to more complex movements. 

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