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Know Your Place and Accept Responsibility

"Know Your Place and Accept Responsibility"

My mum favourite saying to me while I were growing up.
⁣This is the face I make when people tell me " it must be easy to make money in your job " 🧐⁣
⁣Is there such thing as easy money in life?

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How Much Protein Should I Eat? By Helen Kollias, Ph.D

How much protein should I eat?’ Choose the right amount for 
fat loss, muscle, and health. 
The real story on the risks (and rewards) of eating more protein.

By Helen Kollias, Ph.D from Precision Nutrition

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The Importance Of Breathing In Pilates And Exercises

How often do you think about how you breathe? I’m guessing not very often! Becoming familiar with your natural breathing pattern can have a positive effect on your mental health, emotions, reactions to stress and anxiety, and muscular tensions. Breathing more efficiently during exercise can also greatly improve your muscle activation and performance. In some circumstances it should be the first thing we work on before proceeding to more complex movements. 

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