We are your one stop to a better, healthier and more active lifestyle. We offer unique specialised programs and tailored integrated healthcare services including: Sports and remedial massages, pilates, personal training, sports and postural rehabilitation as well as nutritional consultancy within the comfort and privacy of your home or at the gym.

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Bespoke Training
Our approach starts with your baseline fitness and health status determined by a comprehensive personal assessment. Together we establish a clear and safe strategy together that results in a solution that works best for you. We customise programmes to your needs and demonstrate how to perform the correct technique for each exercise.
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Tailored nutrition
Receive a personalised diet plan including tips on how to plan and prepare your food as well as educating you on the importance of eating the right way to achieve the results you want. We'll devise a plan to fit in with your lifestyle and the goals you have.
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360 degree Support
We offer support that goes beyond the training session. We provide guidance for your non-training days; all-round support will help you build better habits and maintain them. You will receive tailored lifestyle and health advice on your sleep, gut/digestive system and stress to ensure you are in an optimal place to achieve results in the most effective and healthy way possible.
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Goal Tracking
Continuous observation is crucial to making sure you get the most from your time with us. We will assess your progress through measurable means that are specific to you and your goals. Make sure you leave each session feeling motivated, positive and gradually making fitness become a part of your lifestyle.