The package price will changes depending on the time duration of the session, off peak/peak hour and the number of session you are willing to purchase.

For those who are committed to train on their own but lack direction or have hit a plateau want to have some extra help to change their progress

One off session with tailored program

Personalised Macro Split and Nutrition Guidance

Not available in pairs

Package 2.png

1 PT session/week with us

Offered in pairs (40% Cheaper)

Personalised Macro split and Meal Plan Supplement Guide

Personalised Workout Plan for when you train yourself

1 month Calendar expiry date

Package 3.png

Offered in pairs (40% cheaper!)

Separated Home Workout Plan

Personalised Macro split and nutrition guidance

Supplement Guide

Unlimited Email & WhatsApp support (Day Time)

5 weeks expiry date

Package 4.png

Offered in pairs (30% cheaper!)

Personalised Nutritional Guidance/Macro Split

Personalised Workout Plan for when you train yourself

Supplement Guide

Unlimited Email & WhatsApp Support (Day Time)

6 weeks expiry date


Integrated Massage & Stretch release and PT is available



If you’re new to PT, your journey starts here! Get your complimentary fitness assessment and use your personalised results to set the best goals you’ve ever had.



Payment for all PT session must be completed before scheduled session to ensure your booking.

Cancellations within 24 hours will not be refunded.

All Block sessions have to finish within the expiry date.