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Think of this as a private PT session with a group of friends, teammates or colleagues, a more personal or specific workout and share the cost.
Whatever your motivation, what we’re really talking about is helping our bodies regain balance and get back to a healthier place. For many people this is a highly personal and sensitive matter, with real progress derived from understanding our individual physical, nutritional, emotional, and lifestyle habits. Lets restore your body’s healthy body composition.
Bulletproof your body and improve your performance with compound movements and accessory work for improved strength and stabilisation. Working on barbell movements, such as strongman training, functional bodyweight and bodybuilding training.
Develop your grace and power through these technically challenging movements taught by our experienced coaches. Olympic Weight Lifting is an insanely healthy sport that undoubtedly gives the most bang for your buck in terms of improving strength, speed, power, cardiovascular health, balance, and function.
When working towards a firmer, more balanced physique, a programme of resistance training can be a great place to start. But hang on, ‘resistance’? Doesn’t that mean weights? A bulky, muscular body? Don’t panic, resistance training doesn’t turn women into the incredible hulk, in fact, the opposite. So whether you have a short term goal of wanting to feel confident in that new bikini or you’re simply thinking more long term about retaining all that curve fabulous, let’s get started.
If you’re playing a sport regularly we can design a programme specifically around the functional requirements, challenges, imbalances and risks of your chosen sport, helping improve functional performance whilst reducing the risk of injury.
Help your body prepare for and recover from the rigours of childbirth. Enjoy the benefits of regular exercise throughout your pregnancy.
We can help you to progress from chronic injury or illness back to full fitness. You may be struggling with a niggling muscular or postural injury that’s causing pain or discomfort, restricting movement or preventing you from enjoying certain sports or activities as much as you’d like
Come simply because you want to look your best for your big day.
Studies show Exercise for Special Population with health issues like osteoporosis, high/low blood pressure and cancer can contribute to a significant lifestyle change. However, you can still be in control of your body by strengthening your resistance, flexibility, muscles and weight our Body Restore program.
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Working on specific pilates exercises, refining your form and technique.
Want to improve your dynamic pilates experience
Recovering from injury or illness, or struggling with a persistent niggle, pilates can be a great tool
Regular Recovery Massage sessions are the best way to prevent and treat the discomfort of the dreaded DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). By reducing inflammation and improving cellular repair functions post exercise, you’ll improve the rate of recovery between workouts and improve your performance during the activities you enjoy.
If you had a following injury or illness, lymphatic drainage massage techniques are particularly beneficial when you have swelling or inflammation following an injury or surgery (swelling often pools when the lymphatic system is too full). It has been shown to be particularly beneficial following breast cancer treatment when lymph nodes are removed; when you have fluid retention, or if you want to stave off or recover sooner from everyday colds and flu.
Or If you were suffering from stress or looking to enhance their well being Even if you’re not injured or ill, the therapeutic massage techniques used in a recovery massage will help promote the natural healing responses of your body and encourage mood boosting hormones like endorphins and serotonin, improving your resilience against physical and mental strain.
This custom treatment is just what your body ordered. Discover the ultimate fusion of massage techniques designed to help align muscle tissue, restore potential, and drive your next great performance.
Renew. Restore. Revive. This custom tailored massage service combines techniques to help balance your mind, body, and spirit. Focused to help recover and sustain your fitness training, while restoring vitality.
A combination of manual therapy with movement and techniques to evolve therapy and improve performance into a new hybrid of whole body care. Release. Rebuild. Retrain. Based on postural assessment, physical history, and training goals.
In an Assisted Stretching Session at TF, We will draw upon the most effective stretching and fascia release techniques to help you achieve better flexibility and quality of movement fast.
Effective regular stretching is just as important as regular exercise, and is an essential part of any sustainable health and fitness programme. Stretching keeps muscles strong, supple and healthy - giving you the flexibility and range of motion to support the activity of your joints and muscles without risk of pain or injury. If flexibility and range of motion is limited - all too often the case in our sedentary, deskbound lifestyles - we not only risk damage, but are prevented from being able to move our bodies to the best of their ability.
However, not all forms of stretching are made equal. Stretching is all too often done incorrectly, becoming counterproductive and even causing injury. There is also no such thing as a one-size fits all stretching programme, technique or routine. Different methods suit different goals, conditions, and bodies. We will use the most effective types of stretching, such as PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation), that address your body’s unique needs - freeing you from any stiffness and pain that may be restricting your movement and preventing you from fully enjoying your physical and daily activities.
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Whether you have your own gym, a Reformer machine or simply a yoga mat our highly-trained instructors will come to train you in the comfort of your own home. Ideal for new parents, those with limited time or those who want to utilise their home gym. Only suitable for London residents.