Our priority is helping you to achieve a better, healthier and more active lifestyle in the long-term. Our sessions can take place wherever is convenient and comfortable for you, whether at the gym or in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Bespoke Training
Our approach starts with a comprehensive personal assessment to establish your baseline fitness and health status. Then, we'll work together to establish a clear and safe training plan that works best for you, custom built to your unique needs. We will make sure you are fully comfortable with every aspect of the plan, including going through the correct technique for each exercise.
Tailored nutrition
It's vital to eat the right way to support your training and achieve the long-term results you want. So, We will create a bespoke nutrition plan for you that fits in with both your personal goals and your lifestyle needs. This will include tips on how to plan and prepare your food as well as the latest information on what is important for your diet to include and why.
Complete Support
Our support goes beyond training sessions - in fact, it's just as important that you have relevant guidance for your non-training days, as this will help you build and maintain better, healthier habits. That's why we will give you tailored lifestyle and health advice on things like sleep, the gut/digestive system and stress management. This complete support will mean you're in the best position to achieve effective, healthy results.
Goal Tracking
It's vital that you are continuously monitored and supported so that you get the most out of your personal training. This means we will regularly assess your progress and adjust your plan and goals accordingly. Ultimately, we want to make sure you leave every training session with me feeling positive and motivated - and with fitness as a key part of your life.



Personal Training
Remedial and Sport Massage
Pilates & Stretching


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