We believe PT is just that – ‘personal’. Working closely with someone to develop your physical wellbeing takes an immense amount of trust, which is why finding a trainer who has empathy and sensitivity to your needs is incredibly important. We recognise this and strive to build strong rapport with our clients, encouraging an environment in which you can be open, whilst depending upon our complete discretion. If you’re ready to give us a bit of enthusiasm and determination, we promise to be in your corner all the way, giving you the support and patience you need to reach your goals. At every step, you’re driven by our trainers backed by the latest science and research. Our program. Your results.




Working with clients who wants to be healthy, strong and confident.



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"Hard work beats talent"

  • ISRM BTEC level 5 Professional Diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy
  • ISRM BTEC level 5 Diploma in Sport and Rehab Massage Therapy
  • British Weight Lifting coach level 1
  • APPI Level 4 Pilates Equipment series
  • Pilates Diploma level 3
  • APPI Pilates for Spinal Surgery & Lower Back Pain
  • APPI Pilates for Shoulder Rehab
  • APPI Reformer Series Certification
  • Studying 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training at Triyoga
  • Nutrition Management level 3 and level 5
  • Diet and Metabolic Rate Specialist Training
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Advance Kettle Bell
  • Boxing
  • HITT Training
  • TRX Training
  • Lesmills Grit Strength, Cardio and Plyo
  • Spin/ RPM instructor

  • Body Fat Reduction (Tone up)
  • Weight Loss
  • Sport Massage (Soft Tissue Massage Therapy)
  • Body Building
  • Olympic Weight Lifting
  • Strength Training
  • Pilates and Reformer Pilates
  • Posture Correction
  • Lower Back Pain Improvement
  • Shoulder Rehab
Trang is a level 4 Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor. She takes a very personal and scientific approach with clients, focusing on the most up to date scientific research to take training, nutrition and mental wellbeing to the next level. She specialises in Pilates and functional strength training. She believes in coaching clients and working together to find the balance in which the body is able to create new, healthy and sustainable habits.
Trang’s journey into fitness industry started not by engaging in competitive sports, but from waking up one day and deciding that she needed to take control of her life, to find something new to focus on, away from the banality of her day job and hopefully gain a new found vigour, plus get rid of the ol’‘poochy bits’ along the way. Learning that she could make real changes to her overweight appearance, through hard work, sweat and consistency she began to realise that she CAN make things happen. She has helped many clients achieve their goals and more importantly exceed their own expectations. From helping clients rehabilitate from injuries, building strength, and improve their overall body composition. Her ethos is not just about changing your training routine, it's also about working together to rewire bad habits and to establish a new ‘normal’, whilst educating clients on all of their nutritional needs to ensure individual goals are achieved.

What Our Clients Say About Trang
" Trang has completely transformed the way I work out and approach fitness. My mobility, posture, strength and fitness levels have all improved beyond recognition and I’ve even made significant advances with my diet. I wish I had discovered this kind of personal training years ago - I thought this type of analysis and insight into how you work out and what will work best for you was only available to professional sports people. I was obviously stuck in a rut doing the same inefficient exercises learned years ago but that has now all changed and the obvious improvements make it easy to stay motivated."



"If you don't practice it, you will never fully connect with it."

  • British Weight Lifting coach level 1
  • Personal Trainer level 3
  • FdSc Strength & Conditioning
  • FdSc Personal Trainer Level
  • Level 2 Spin instructor
  • Level 2 Gym instructor
  • Sports Science Degree
  • Nutrition Management level 3
  • Kettle bell
  • Boxing
  • HITT training
  • TRX (Suspension Training)

  • Strength Training
  • Body Transformation
  • Kick Boxing
  • Group Training
  • Body Fat Reduction (Tone up)
  • Weight Loss
  • Olympic Weight Lifting
  • Power lifting
  • Body Building (Hypertrophy)
Diogo is extremely passionate about health and fitness, he likes to lead by example and practice what he preaches. He finds nothing more rewarding than helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. He takes great pride in his commitment to his individual client’s needs. With great care and attention he focuses on providing a well-balanced bespoke training regime, to suit his varied clients and every aspect of their lives. This is provided by including nutritional advice and constant support.
His personal and professional experience has shown him that the key to establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is finding exercises that challenge you, along with much needed consistency and drive. Having successfully achieved his fat loss goals, he has since challenged himself further by competing in power lifting and weightlifting competitions. He believes that it is fundamental that you persistently test your physical and mental toughness regardless of what stage you are in your fitness journey. These competitions continue to test his physical and mental strength, to see through the really tough days and stick with the strict programming and nutrition in order to meet the body weight category and perform to the best standard. With a BSc in Sports Science and regular research and review of the latest training methods he is constantly building on his knowledge and passion for providing clients with effective and beneficial training programmes.

What Our Clients Say About Diogo
"Diogo is the winning combination that delivers success. He’s both an expert and genuinely cares about my training and the fitness goals I’ve set. We work together, we agree on how it is going to happen and more importantly, he provides the important facts about why I am training and eating the way I am in order to deliver the results. Diogo has invested the time to ask good questions, for long-term success and in a way that has allowed us to set up realistic milestones along the way. I am delighted to report that after 4 months of training with him, I have returned to the place where I feel strong, in control and healthy. Yep, bullet proof."